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  • Zone 1 walking graffiti tour & workshop

    We will walk from casa abril to the sport center where a graffiti festival took place in April 2022. See some street art and very cool murals. Meeting point Waze: Casa Abril

  • 4 Grados Norte Walking Tour

    We will start in 4 Grados Norte (our own Wynwood walls if you like to see it that way) at 10 am. We will walk around the area to look for the best spots of graffiti and restaurants. After we will do a short graffiti workshop. Meeting point in 4 grados Norte. Waze: Juancho Ming Please RSVP on this WhatsApp : +502 57187488

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  • Citytour | Graffcity | Guatemala

    Visitas guiadas y talleres de graffiti Descubre la ciudad de Guatemala a través de su arte callejero ¿Crees que en la Ciudad de Guatemala no hay nada que hacer? ¡Pues piénsalo de nuevo! Conozca a su artista y las historias detrás de cada obra de arte que pueda ver en las calles de la Ciudad de Guatemala. Lee mas Acerca de "¿Hay algo que hacer en la ciudad de Guatemala?" ​ Muchas personas visitan la ciudad porque tienen que tomar un avión de regreso a casa, pero tiene mucho más que ofrecer. ​ Así nació Graffcity. ¡Ofrezca al turista algo divertido, creativo y aventurero en la ciudad de Guatemala! ​ Con el apoyo de la comunidad de graffiti de Guatemala, ¡hemos creado la mejor experiencia de arte callejero posible para ti! Home: About Una experiencia inolvidable 4 Grados Norte Walking Tour Get to know 4 grados norte like a local 2 hr 20 dólares estadounidenses $20 Reservar ahora City Tour Join our group of graffiti hunters! 2 hr 50 dólares estadounidenses $50 Reservar ahora Zone 1 walking graffiti tour & workshop Walk zone 1 best street art 2 hr 20 dólares estadounidenses $20 Reservar ahora Home: Contact Contacto Vía 6, 3-23 zona 4 guatemala, 01004 DM para RSVP

  • Meet the Artists | Graffcity

    Meet the Artists STWO 89 Full time artist, he is one of our best teachers for our workshops. Follow him or give him a DM for a commissioned mural. +502 41296661 Graffiti Artist Chocolate con Mani Crew These group of young men are a true family. Their leader Chocolate will help you with any graffiti design or illustration you might think of. +502 5956 9899 Know more Dopezilla Tattoo and graffiti artist A classic! He recently had an art exhibit in one of Guatemala's best art galleries. His experience and passion for graffiti can be seen throughout the city with his Dopezilla character. Ruido Graffiti artist He is inspired by batman and other magical realism themes. Get a mural with his magical style! Dr. Souler Graffiti artist Part of Amen Familia, he wants to deliver the message of God and the Bibble through his graffiti. Shout out to Dr. Souler! Pulido Graffiti and Tattoo artist His monsters invaded the city for a while. Always exploring new styles and characters. One fo the best known graffiti artist in town. ADCK Crew What a talented group of young artists! Meet kash, enrike, deker and soda. Few crews that are painting 3D Diego Dafer Mural artist You will love his characters and fun style. His illustrations fit any occasion. Get a quote from him today. Japy Martinez Graffiti illustrator & tattoo artist See a cat in the streets with popping eyes? Yep thats Japy. DM him for a tattoo appointment. Jaker Graffiti muralist Trying to reach a younger audience, we love his Anime style! Beatriz Artist One of the few women doing street art at the moment. Here witch character will make you fall in love with her. Worked with INGUAT for a while, contact her for a commissioned mural Pigmento Negro Tattoo artist Schedule your tattoo appointment with pigmento now! His mural styles vary according the seasons and his feelings. A true artist EMPY Graffiti & Cheff He is literally EVERYWHERE! One of our protagonists of our tour. Big shoutout to EMPY! Contact him for murals or a delicious meal. Flako DJ producer & graffiti artist Everyone knows Flako! His name is almost a synonym of hip hop. Want an awesome music festival? Get in touch with him now! SPAINT Graffiti muralist HE MADE IT! He is one of the few Guatemalan's that have managed to paint in Art Basil in Wynwood Walls Miami. We are so proud of him and he is an example to follow. Part of the Seventh Letter Crew! ​ Chepster Graffiti muralist & Tattoo artist From a grumpy old man to powerful bubble letters to ​ amazing tattoos, Chepster is the perfect example of a tru street artist. MOERS Graffiti artist Powerful bubble letters and graffiti pieces. His use of colors will amaze you! Cathal Artist He's murals can be found near the zoo in Guatemala city. Painting is his passion so DM him for any work of art you might think of. His theme: reptiles and fantasy Sharty Graffiti muralist He is in love with art! His murals show a technique level few can master. A mural of him will look stunning anywhere! Cruces Graffiti artist Wicked child! Cruces represents what good old graffiti is about: BE EVERYWHERE! Growing fond of that naughty character. Seimer Graffiti artist One of the founding fathers of graffiti in Guatemala. He is a legend! He took graffiti to the next level. Big shoutout to him and his crew! Woset Graffiti artist Another legend. Guate Graff was one of the first crews in Guatemala to place graffiti to the next level. We really admire him AND MANY MORE! Guatemala has so many artists that this web page isn't enough to show all of them. If you want to know more, Book now! Book Now! (Si quieres que tu perfil aparezca en esta página, envíame un mensaje.)

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